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There is magic in the stillness...It’ a tragedy so many go without it and are constantly bombarded with chaos. We as humans value love, respect, peace and a sense of meaning. Our eyes see more when the heart is free of chains and ropes we tend to tie to it. It's not meant to be kept in the dark from all the things you crave. Let it free and allow it to roam the empty places that have been left by so many who borrowed it with intentions on giving it back better than they found it. I am far from perfect. I do not live my life as others see fit. I make a million mistakes with a single breath. But it is within that second of ignorance, I fall on something beautiful. The ability to learn and see things in a different focus is what separates us as individuals. #keokeagirl #sunset #mauisunset #flowers #love #free #beherenow #bethechange